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The elegant modern design of this model will appeal to fishermen, hunters, and lovers of outdoor activities on the water. Thanks to the original hull contours, the Burevestnik 530 has exceptional seaworthiness, allowing it to maintain very high speeds even in difficult weather conditions.

This boat feels great both on broken river waves and on short, “angry” waves of large lakes and reservoirs, providing the crew with a comfortable, confident stay on board in any weather. The boat can be equipped with a navigation bar with running lights, rails, electric pump, parking cover and other options.

Length, m5,30
Width, m2,20
Length of cockpit, m3,92
Width of cockpit, m1,20
Diamerter of cylinder,
Number of
Boat weight, kgs310
Height of transom508 ( L )
Fuel tank volume, Lt80
Engine pover, kW/hp51.4 - 66,2/70 - 90
Max. load capasity, kgs1100
Number of passengers, pers10
Design categoryC

Initial equipment:

  • Fiberglass body with an inflatable balloon made of high-strength synthetic PVC fabric, density 1450 g/m2, eyes, paddle, pump, repair kit.

Дополнительная комплектация:

  • топливный бак 90 л.
  • консоль
  • ветровое стекло
  • комплект мягких сидений
  • носовой релинг из нержавеющей стали
  • мачта из нержавеющей стали
  • аккумуляторный ящик с выключателем массы
  • комплект навигационных огней
  • осушительная помпа
  • рулевое управление, трос, штурвал
  • боковые релинги из нержавеющей стали
  • складная лестница из нержавеющей стали
  • транспортировочный тент
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