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  1. The manufacturer guarantees that each inflatable boat and the equipment provided with it (hereinafter in the text referred to as the Article) is made without manufacture defects. The guarantee is valid only in case, when the Article has been purchased at a vendor from the Manufacturer’s specified list.
  2. The guarantee comes into effect at receipt of a filled in guarantee coupon, which will define the Article under its serial number. The present guarantee is valid according to provisions set forth below:
  • For case fabric is foreseen guarantee of 5 years, providing protection from occurrence of cracks, voids and decay, on conditions that correct storage and operation of the Article is observed.
  • For case seams is foreseen guarantee cover of 5 years.
  • For other parts of a boat such as rowlocks, catches of oars, foot pump, portable bags, holder of squat board, squat board, D – rings, H – shaped connections and bottom boards is foreseen a guarantee for two years.

NOTE: Seams are considered to be broken, if seam tape detaches from the basic material of a cylinder or if seams lose their structural durability. If not all seams have been broken, but only one or several seams of a boat, its guarantee repair shall be performed.

  1. Due to the fact the present guarantee is valid only in case of detection of manufacturing defect, it is not applicable to normal deterioration to ruptures, or the damages which have occurred for the following reasons:
  • Negligent operation, absence of service, emergencies, incorrect assemblage, use or service.
  • Use of an accessory, a detail or a part, which is not made or not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Participation or preparation for races or competitions of other sort.
  • Change or removals of parts of the Goods.
  1. This guarantee does not defrayincidental or indirect expenses as payment of transportation of a boat, descent to water, towage, storage, any expenses related to damages.
  2. The buyer should provide access for guarantee maintenance of the Article by delivery for present Article. If the buyer cannot deliver the Article to the official dealer than he, the buyer should notify the company in written form. The manufacturer will organise inspection and repair provided that the given guarantee covers such service. The buyer pays all expenses related to transportation and/or all expenses, related to service. At sending the Article or its any part for inspection or repair, the buyer should pay transportation expenses as an advance payment.
  3. The present guarantee coupon is a unique proof of a guarantee and should be shown at the moment of requested guarantee maintenance. Requests for guarantee maintenance are not accepted without a presentation of the guarantee coupon.
  4. Obligations of the manufacturer under the present guarantee are limited to repair of defective detail, returning of cost of a faulty detail or replacement of such details if it is required for correction of manufacture defects, as is provided under the guarantee.
  5. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the design of the Goods without improvement of any, earlier made article.
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